Sunday, March 8, 2015

Frozen Jello Feather Flower

Sometimes those little accidental discoveries are so great. Nothing like mango lemon jello put into an exceptionally cold fridge to chill, and ends up getting a frozen bottom that looks like this. (Pics taken on Mar. 5, 2015).
I thought, wow, it looks like a flower made of feathers, sort of an iris shape. I love the natural patterns of ice fractals, especially when they look like a giant flower.
Of course I wanted to see such a beautiful display in blue, thank PSE editing. Looks yummy. 

The more the ice melted, the more defined the details became. The following images below show the different angle and close ups of this icy display.

And yes, it tasted great, and I loved the texture of crunchy ice mixed with squishy jello.

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