Friday, March 20, 2015

Food Themed collages

The following food based collages were all made around the same time. Exact date unknown. Each one of them is a fun compilation that leaves many I've shown feeling hungry. :P
"Breakfast Nearing Lunch"

"Breakfast Nearing Lunch", a food theme that starts from the morning meal in the foreground, leads into an early snack (brownies), then comes lunch in the background.
"Dinner For Two"

The evening meal, also the largest meal of the day, expressed like a date night. Nothing like the options of a juicy steak, pasta, salad, buttery breads, cheeses, and desserts; lots of good recipes, lots of good food for the dinner table.

Whether it be the morning, afternoon, or evening, sweets are always popular. This collage is my favorite of the food series.

I still chuckle at the past, anytime I pulled this image out and showed it to friends, they would immediately lick their lips and say dang, you're making me hungry. XD

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