Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Floating Shamrocks-collage

 Happy St. Patric's Day! 
In my splurge of scanning old collage images, I found this old one which fits the date, so it gets a blog post.

How old is it? I have no clue, my guess is that I was at least 11 when I made the original (below). Hardly fancy, just some elements slapped on a piece of blue paper. But once I looked at it again, I felt it looked like like shamrocks and their blossom floating on water.

So I did it justice and added a new background of recolored blue scrapbook paper, then digitally blotched in some water ripples, and added some shading to the elements, resulting in the image above.
This dated piece of kid art is made of blue printer paper, green construction paper, and a flower from wrapping paper.

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