Monday, March 16, 2015

Cute Car Wash-collage

I love an occasional cute thing. Collage creating is still coming, and here's yesterday's piece. "Cute Car Wash". Inspiration, Japanese packaging for rubber gloves. 

The background was done with scrapbook paper, and my main elements were cut from the rubber glove packaging. 
I chose some text areas I liked for extra interest. The hardest thing was figuring out how to glue down the plastic images; OI was it aggravating. Glue wouldn't stick, tape wouldn't apply onto the plastic directly (that's how slick the stuff is), so I had to put tape to paper first, then apply my elements before cutting them out and gluing them to the background.

Most time consuming part was the hand pieced car. I cut out little bits of paper after making a tracing paper template, and glued down my pieces accordingly. Even the flowers on the car are separate pieces of yellow paper. Final touches were made with silver jell pen, pink jell pen, black marker, and my title "Car Wash" made with black sticker letters.

Dimensions of piece- 4.5''x 6.5''.

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