Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bus Stop-collage

Ready for adventure, traveling in style. There are times where I just like the look of an ad itself; after all, ads are an art form still. This particular image just made me feel happy, could be the genuine smiles on these couple's faces. The style of the clothes and hair mimics both a past and present touch. "All dressed up...Everywhere to go", the title on the ad inspired a sense of adventure in my mind, and suddenly 40's styled jazz clicked in my head. 

These little inspirations led to me wanting to cover up parts in the image which make it an ad, while embracing the theme of travel. Soon I created a bus stop sign and some bags for our journeying couple who just step off the bus. I used texture of a coffee mug from another ad to make the ladies purse; scrapbook paper was used as accent and main elements for the rest. With just a hint of jell pen and marker, and a final touch of decorative tapes, I covered all parts of the add I didn't want in the picture, and got the final results. Also note the tape with cameras; the secret theme is that the bag on the man's shoulder has a camera inside for capturing every part of their adventure.

Why's the man's tie missing? That's a question I ask myself.....Maybe he used it as a head band during their trip, *squints suspiciously*. :P

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