Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beauty Hygiene collages

"Beauty Aisle"

A few old themes I did were on beauty and beauty products. I'd say "Beauty Aisle" still stands up well, the composition not half bad considering how old it is.
I'm not sure what I was going for at the time when I did it, but it's obvious it was themed off beauty and hygiene products, later to make me look at it as a woman peeking her head through the beauty product aisle, her face seeming to say, "This is what I like, try this stuff out and be radiant".
"Beauty and Cologne"

An image that dates before "Beauty Aisle" if I remember correctly. Just a basic theme on ladies, makeup, and cologne. My favorite lady is the main focus on the right, her eyes the specific attraction.

In some ways the theme makes me think the cologne represents a man, and his story is about four women, each unique, and each involved with a deep mystery. We the viewers are a detective discovering these four women are either victims, or accomplices of the man who wears this cologne, his code name, "The Black Stallion". Is he a thief? Is he a murderer? What mystery is he involved in? This collage could lead to a number of questions and ideas, this is just one of them.

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