Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Enchanted Jungle Gown-fashion

 Enchanted jungle gown, a design from quite some time ago, inspired off a scene in my fan fiction Life of Lewa, envisioned during Pohatu's wedding scene where I imagined my own character (a simple guest), wearing this style of dress to blend in with the jungle crowd of the area. 

Roughly designed in 2010, using black pen, gold jell pen, and colored pencil.
Granted I still really like the piece, and see it could easily be a very nice wedding dress design, assuming one loves fantasy style and green mixed with gold. :P

Friday, March 20, 2015

Pink Flamingo-collage

"Pink Flamingo"

The piece above and below are improved versions of the original collage at the bottom of the post. I settled with the top one as being most appealing. Again, the background was added in digitally.

Year unknown. Dimentions: 8.5''x 5.5'. Material: Printer paper, pink construction and tissue paper, black and yellow marker, flier images and texture, digital background addition.
Second version was meant to closely mimic the original, but felt too stagnant.
Original, a scribble of blue marker for the background to be like sky and water.

Farm Fields-collage

"Farm Fields"

I love this piece, something about farm land that makes me happy. I finalized this fun piece by adding in a better background digitally, using scanned scrapbook papers.

All my elements in the image were from some kind of toy flier, and the clouds, *sniff* are clippings from the front of a Bionicle comic book. O_O

The original is brighter in color seeing I used colored pencil for the background parts. I'm glad things can be changed digitally for a more appealing look.

Date of image unknown. Created on an 8.5''x 11'' piece of paper, then *cropped*. :P

Woman's Dream-collage

"Woman's Dream"

An old collage concept made better. Below is the original, again one of those lazy collage pieces that required little thought or even a background. Year unknown, improvements were recent.

I took the original piece, then used some scanned scrapbook papers to complete it. The floor, blankets, dream bubble and background are all scrapbook paper applied digitally. As for the outline and thought bubble shape, those are shape options in PSE.

The concept, what does woman dream about? Going from left and leading around the bubble in a clockwise motion, a symbolic story of life is expressed in a very simple way. Roses come first as a proposal to date, a ring comes for marriage, then cooking which is part of home keeping, then a baby, followed by a gold shell that could stand for a seaside moment with her husband, a camera representing memories captured and cherished, and a heart to stand for love well spent.
Dimensions: 8.5''x 11''.

Food Themed collages

The following food based collages were all made around the same time. Exact date unknown. Each one of them is a fun compilation that leaves many I've shown feeling hungry. :P
"Breakfast Nearing Lunch"

"Breakfast Nearing Lunch", a food theme that starts from the morning meal in the foreground, leads into an early snack (brownies), then comes lunch in the background.
"Dinner For Two"

The evening meal, also the largest meal of the day, expressed like a date night. Nothing like the options of a juicy steak, pasta, salad, buttery breads, cheeses, and desserts; lots of good recipes, lots of good food for the dinner table.

Whether it be the morning, afternoon, or evening, sweets are always popular. This collage is my favorite of the food series.

I still chuckle at the past, anytime I pulled this image out and showed it to friends, they would immediately lick their lips and say dang, you're making me hungry. XD

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beauty Hygiene collages

"Beauty Aisle"

A few old themes I did were on beauty and beauty products. I'd say "Beauty Aisle" still stands up well, the composition not half bad considering how old it is.
I'm not sure what I was going for at the time when I did it, but it's obvious it was themed off beauty and hygiene products, later to make me look at it as a woman peeking her head through the beauty product aisle, her face seeming to say, "This is what I like, try this stuff out and be radiant".
"Beauty and Cologne"

An image that dates before "Beauty Aisle" if I remember correctly. Just a basic theme on ladies, makeup, and cologne. My favorite lady is the main focus on the right, her eyes the specific attraction.

In some ways the theme makes me think the cologne represents a man, and his story is about four women, each unique, and each involved with a deep mystery. We the viewers are a detective discovering these four women are either victims, or accomplices of the man who wears this cologne, his code name, "The Black Stallion". Is he a thief? Is he a murderer? What mystery is he involved in? This collage could lead to a number of questions and ideas, this is just one of them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mini Themes-collages

"Bedtime Theme"

Mini themes, collage images that are rather old and based around themes (In other words, lazy collage). Date of pieces unknown. Dimensions: Roughly 8.5''x 5.5''.

Bedtime theme, I like the right half of it, and the lady in the middle.The pleasant greens and bamboo themes of the bedroom make me happy.

"Flower Garden"

I do like this one most in the themes collection. Flowers look good clustered together, even in an odd messy way.
 "Summer Activities"

Then we pan over from a flowery spring to the Summers Activities collage, a theme about swimming, colorful towels, afternoon naps in the cool of a home, and golf days out in a sunny field.

Graduates collage was at first not part of the themes collection, till I decide it was based off the same splurge of the moment urge to make collage even if it's not that great. I will say, sadly, that the graduates collage makes me feel the most ill, and brings a slight cringe to my face....Set up seems fine, but it's not my best.

I made the piece from a flier having to do with college; all images and even the background are from the same flier. Only fun part, a collage made from a college flier, those two words very similar.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Power Puff Girls-collage

  This collage is about as old as "Floating Shamrocks", I wasn't very old when I made it.
Fun trivia, this is the only piece of Power Puff Girl fan art I have.

I'm so happy I chose collage to make the piece, and in its childish simplicity it holds a certain charm that makes me think of the crayon drawings the PPG's made in the cartoon.

Materials: Construction paper, peach printer paper, pencil, and marker.
Sadly the cheap material degrades with time. Below is what the image was like before tweaking. Note the acidic yellow tone (and the paper is starting to slowly crumble). I tweaked a few things to minimize the yellow tint and got the above results, then a few level adjustments led to the final product.
Also notice the marker used reacted with the acidic paper in time and got that odd blotchy look. Still cute though.

Floating Shamrocks-collage

 Happy St. Patric's Day! 
In my splurge of scanning old collage images, I found this old one which fits the date, so it gets a blog post.

How old is it? I have no clue, my guess is that I was at least 11 when I made the original (below). Hardly fancy, just some elements slapped on a piece of blue paper. But once I looked at it again, I felt it looked like like shamrocks and their blossom floating on water.

So I did it justice and added a new background of recolored blue scrapbook paper, then digitally blotched in some water ripples, and added some shading to the elements, resulting in the image above.
This dated piece of kid art is made of blue printer paper, green construction paper, and a flower from wrapping paper.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cute Car Wash-collage

I love an occasional cute thing. Collage creating is still coming, and here's yesterday's piece. "Cute Car Wash". Inspiration, Japanese packaging for rubber gloves. 

The background was done with scrapbook paper, and my main elements were cut from the rubber glove packaging. 
I chose some text areas I liked for extra interest. The hardest thing was figuring out how to glue down the plastic images; OI was it aggravating. Glue wouldn't stick, tape wouldn't apply onto the plastic directly (that's how slick the stuff is), so I had to put tape to paper first, then apply my elements before cutting them out and gluing them to the background.

Most time consuming part was the hand pieced car. I cut out little bits of paper after making a tracing paper template, and glued down my pieces accordingly. Even the flowers on the car are separate pieces of yellow paper. Final touches were made with silver jell pen, pink jell pen, black marker, and my title "Car Wash" made with black sticker letters.

Dimensions of piece- 4.5''x 6.5''.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bus Stop-collage

Ready for adventure, traveling in style. There are times where I just like the look of an ad itself; after all, ads are an art form still. This particular image just made me feel happy, could be the genuine smiles on these couple's faces. The style of the clothes and hair mimics both a past and present touch. "All dressed up...Everywhere to go", the title on the ad inspired a sense of adventure in my mind, and suddenly 40's styled jazz clicked in my head. 

These little inspirations led to me wanting to cover up parts in the image which make it an ad, while embracing the theme of travel. Soon I created a bus stop sign and some bags for our journeying couple who just step off the bus. I used texture of a coffee mug from another ad to make the ladies purse; scrapbook paper was used as accent and main elements for the rest. With just a hint of jell pen and marker, and a final touch of decorative tapes, I covered all parts of the add I didn't want in the picture, and got the final results. Also note the tape with cameras; the secret theme is that the bag on the man's shoulder has a camera inside for capturing every part of their adventure.

Why's the man's tie missing? That's a question I ask myself.....Maybe he used it as a head band during their trip, *squints suspiciously*. :P

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Burger Place-collage

Back into collage, this idea has been swirling around in my head for over a week, all inspired off a giant burger image. I think it would be cool if burger places looked like the food you're ordering.

Most fast food places are located in cities, so that's the theme I went for, using scrap paper from a bad scan print for the pavement. Scrapbook paper was used for the sky, sidewalks, chimney stack,and trash can in the image; clouds and shading were done with pastels. Gel pen and black marker were used to make lines, light shine; background details like the cars, birds, and light poles, parking space lines, and litter in the trash can and on the pavement. The rest was made from flier images; the burger, door made from a cell phone pic, and BK symbol were all from the same ad. The windows of the store were once LCD tv screens that I added lines and shine to.

I had fun making this, hopefully I can make more fun collage pieces in the near future, till then enjoy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Simply Spring Fantasy-fashion

"Spring Fairy", "Picnic Sailing", "Afternoon Tea". More sketches of fashion compiled  in a single display, each one themed off late spring shades.

"Spring Fairy" is an old sketch (top sketches), a bodice and skirt design themed off flowers and colored in my favorite shades of creamy yellow, dusty rose pink, and lime green. The second bodice design I think I like more, specifically because the sleeve shape.

"Picnic Sailing" (bottom left), more of a late May theme, is a dress design inspired off something I saw in a pattern catalog which was very much like this. I settled on royal blue, white, and lime green as my color scheme; inspired off the thought of seaside picnics, a dress to wear on the beach for a late spring/early summer day.

"Afternoon Tea" (bottom right), a spring time outfit in dusty shades of orange and lime, with a hint of cream, like zinger tea with milk. I picture this being worn on garden walks, and at afternoon tea parties, simple and cute.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

April Hearts and Flowers-fashion design

More compiled fashion sketches from old sketch pages. 
Color choice, patterns, and compiling were fun. I especially love the green one. The heart one would be great for Valentine's Day, and yes the ties are for making a pretty bow to the back of the shirt (the shirt itself inspired of an old purple shirt of mine). 
I decided on purple for the other outfit, not sure why, just seemed fitting for the style with a hint of gold thrown in.

Anatomical Heart Pizza

Sometime my odd eating habits lead to funny looking food. Who knew my nibbling would result in what appears to be an anatomical heart shape. Mm, yummy.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Frozen Jello Feather Flower

Sometimes those little accidental discoveries are so great. Nothing like mango lemon jello put into an exceptionally cold fridge to chill, and ends up getting a frozen bottom that looks like this. (Pics taken on Mar. 5, 2015).
I thought, wow, it looks like a flower made of feathers, sort of an iris shape. I love the natural patterns of ice fractals, especially when they look like a giant flower.
Of course I wanted to see such a beautiful display in blue, thank PSE editing. Looks yummy. 

The more the ice melted, the more defined the details became. The following images below show the different angle and close ups of this icy display.

And yes, it tasted great, and I loved the texture of crunchy ice mixed with squishy jello.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ice Manor Inspiration+ Sicline's Sword Dance

Lately my inspiration has been very revolved around my RP character Sicline, the ice type detective from the Bionicle based MN-CN-I RP.

Recently my thoughts have been heavily focusing on her ice manor, a beautiful estate made between family and friends. I love the ice manor so much that I sculpted it from snow, and am exceptionally drawn to the edited night versions of the pictures (above and left). The outside as a sculpture is suppose to seem fairly grand, more details about these simple photos can be found on the "Frosted Stories" post  near the end.

After making the sculpture, I wanted to walk inside this frosty manor whos rooms have flashed through my mind multiple times during RP, and I desperately wanted to find some examples that could portray a concept to other actors of the story of what I see in my mind when I think of Sicline's Manor.
 At first I attempted to paint her manor lobby and staircase in PSE, but found that I lacked the energy, skill, and motivation to pull it off, so I looked up on Google images in hopes of finding some inspiration for aid in drawing the lobby. 
First I looked up staircases since that's the main thing that came to mind, and eventually I stumbled onto this very well done painting called "Einzbern castle staircase". When I saw it I immediately pictured closer to what the ice manor lobby might be like, only all shades would be cool, not warm. I so badly wanted to see what that was like, so I adjusted the color of this painting in PSE, and got the following.

Of course all credit goes to the artist who painted the piece still, but I'll admit I love the look of the place in blue and white, the main color schemes of Sicline's home. This final result is just about how I picture Sicline's lobby. A door would be on the right leading to her kitchen, and the door on the left to her living room, and more rooms continue back into the house and upstairs, each bedroom having its own bathroom, the place fit for many guests.
During my search I also dreamed of other rooms besides her lobby, and this image appealed to me window wise. I kind of like the idea of a white and blue themed room like this somewhere in her manor.

After finding what looked close to Sicline's lobby and making it blue, I borrowed the image and couldn't resist making a scene of Sicline in Human form doing her ice sword dance in the lobby, a common practice of hers to clear her mind and relax in between detective work.
Making her a Human ice type in the scene was done so I could more easily draw my recent White Night fashion design on her. This outfit design was used in story for this scene.
I settled with two versions of the image, one with ice around her (above) and one without (below).
A mistake I made was making the character rather small for the environment. I didn't realize to the right was a fireplace, which looks huge compared to the figure. But then I remembered if this is a home to Toa, and there's a Human standing in it, it makes total sense seeing Toa are 7' 2" tall on average, hence their homes would make a Human look pretty small.