Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White Night Bright Night- yoga costumes

White Night and Bright night, outfits inspired off a an idea of yoga clothes that are both comfy and pretty. The theme is inspired off of snow and stary nights.

The snow version for ladies (far left) came to mind from a small day dream of my character Sicline, an ice type from the MN-CN-I RP. I pictured her practicing with her ice blades while wearing a pair of flowing pants accented with sparkles, her top Grecian draped yet fitting, mimicking the theme of folded snow layers (or clouds in the night sky in the case with the black version of this outfit).

I liked the ladies versions, so I figured making matching male versions would be fun too. The male versions of this outfit collection are inspired off of Cirque Du Soleil costumes, specifically the flying man costume from Alegria (picture of him below).

I always loved his pants style and the way they moved during his performance, that inspiration has carried into many of my pants designs. 

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