Monday, February 9, 2015

Hearts and Parties

 "Hearts and Parties", a collage inspired off several different feelings, thoughts, and urges. 

I've been diving into Deviant Art to feed a sudden urge of creativity, thriving for the world of collage, a lasting and loved art form in my list that gets tossed in with mixed mediums. My inspiration has taken a trip down fantasy lane, dreaming of love stories (seeing Valentine's Day is coming up), craving a social event of some kind, and being partially inspired by online acting in stories invented between friends. This all melded into one big ball of an odd feeling, and I got the craving to do something collage off my chest, which also helped me express an unexplainable set of emotions I've had lately.

 It was rather difficult getting a decent enough image for sharing. The collage is done on a 12x12 sheet of white paper. I couldn't scan it in sections because the 3D objects on it caused the scan quality to be poor, so I had to settle with a photo of the image (which still doesn't fully satisfy me), but will have to do.

Art process and mediums used: My base inspiration to make this art piece started from a potted plant wrapper (you know, the pretty plastic stuff that lines the pots of poinsettias or mini evergreens during the holidays). I used this wrapper to make my lady's gown. With some tracing paper and my hand drawn lady, I made the gown to fit just right.
I cut some strips of lace and secured them to the layered gown with simple needle and thread tacking.
My background was stenciled with red pan pastel, then edged with gold emboss stamping.
For my lady's hair, artwork hearts on the wall, and lanterns, I used stamps on regular paper
 and cut them out.
After that I colored my images with marker, added pastel for blush to my lady's cheeks; used jell pens for jewelry, sparkle accents, and hair detail; then finalized by image by gluing on some gems to the gown.

It's been a long while since I've done some mixed medium, collage work, and I must say it was fun to revisit my craft desk with an urge to create.

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