Friday, February 6, 2015

Crazy dog-Espresso-Holy wipes/ photos

Some more old photos from here and there through the years. It can be a fun art form to capture those little life moments through a lens and the click of a button.

The photo above, what was up with this dog? It's like it was staring at me in terror with those big googly eyes. The night time atmosphere in a parking lot made it all the more amusing.
 Espresso, a coffee sign with coat hooks,nice edition for a coffee shop (Aromas); but even more perfect is where they placed it, right next to the bathrooms (what does this imply.....hmm?) :P Unfortunately this object is no longer on the wall there.
The beauty of light. Need some wipes? Light will show the way. This makes me have one of those Indiana Jones moment kind of feeling, you know? Seeking for some holy wipes and there they are with the light glowing off their lid that shines like a diamond.

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