Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vintage themed fashion-Biker and buttered teal

 Finally, got to work on some old 2013 fashion sketches in need of some color.
The above panel, "Bubbly Biker" is a sketch based off an idea of what I would wear when riding a motorcycle or retro scooter. 
The blue and black scheme was the main idea, but pink and black seemed fun too. The knee high boots and ruffly trench jacket would be black leather, and the black lacy edge skirt with pretty polka dot top and tights are just extra to add cuteness. The black sleeves of the bodice are made of sheer fabric lined with a bit of ruffle. Plus, the boots have clasps on them, and the jacket buttons up.
Okay, so odds are this is more of a scooter outfit. :P
"Buttered Teal", something about this outfit I just love and wish I could wear it. I'm not normally one to wear yellow, but when it's the shade of creamy butter, it just seems to pleasant. 
This outfit is inspired off a shirt I saw in a pattern book, and I designed an outfit based off that, adding my own retro theme to it. 
The color scheme of teal and butter yellow has been in my head since the day I sketched this. No matter what color variation I thought of, these two shades were the ones I wanted.
It's a full dress with yellow polka dotted teal skirt, accented with teal buttons and color matching ruffles. Wear it with a set of tan pantyhose and matching pumps, and you've got a nice outfit for a spring time scooter ride or an afternoon at the diner.

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