Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Atlantic Squid-Fashion sketches

Fashion sketches from 2008, compiled together on a single page according to theme. 
I went back into my old scanned fashion sketches, had a page with some sketches of the squid helmet and a hand written, rather wonky label, "A Squid Helmet". Also had a pen sketch for a concept outfit with this helmet which was currently in the concept stage at that time, still being thought out, redrawn, shifting and getting closer to the look I wanted.

Below are the basic sketches and label combined onto a page with an added shell to fill in space (kind of reminded me of the helmet).

I added the same colors of the actual helmet to the old sketch, just for fun, blotched in some color to the title, and carried the color scheme into the outfit design, though I remember the outfit being based off an emerald green sari fabric I wanted to make into a pair of puffy pants.

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