Friday, January 30, 2015

Gypsy Pirate-Fashion sketches

More fashion sketches from way back compiled onto a single page. At one time I had a fantasy idea of what sort of pirate costume I'd like to wear, and this was one of my ideas.
Feathery hats, trench coats, leather boots, and gypsy style clothing have always been some likeable themes in my list. 

The black and white composite page is below. My hat designs were part of the costume itself, but due to scanning tricks, I had to recompose them onto a page.

I decided to add color for fun, odd choices, kind of Autumn like, but the combo of shades seemed interesting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Atlantic Squid-Fashion sketches

Fashion sketches from 2008, compiled together on a single page according to theme. 
I went back into my old scanned fashion sketches, had a page with some sketches of the squid helmet and a hand written, rather wonky label, "A Squid Helmet". Also had a pen sketch for a concept outfit with this helmet which was currently in the concept stage at that time, still being thought out, redrawn, shifting and getting closer to the look I wanted.

Below are the basic sketches and label combined onto a page with an added shell to fill in space (kind of reminded me of the helmet).

I added the same colors of the actual helmet to the old sketch, just for fun, blotched in some color to the title, and carried the color scheme into the outfit design, though I remember the outfit being based off an emerald green sari fabric I wanted to make into a pair of puffy pants.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday Card- 17 Rose Cake

(Made Jan. 14, 2015)

A card for my friend's birthday today. I made it a week before, had fun playing with Graphics Fairy imagery, scanned scrapbook papers, and some digital paint accents.

I loved choosing colors of minty green and rosy pink, adding my own symbolism and flair to the image, finding the old coffee and tea advertisement to be a great back layer on the wall. What better thing to go with cake and roses, if not coffee and tea.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pun Cards- glasses, pencils, pounds

 Been on the card making train, and what better place to start than by making cards of some puns I've had scribbled here and there in my desk notebooks for a few years, begging to be displayed in art.

The first one above is a play on words stated one night while my brother looked at the stars and adjusted his glasses. Suddenly the connection of a magnificent sight combined with magnification of glasses resulted in me playfully saying magnifisights.

Okay, so it's cheesy, even the bad puns are worth recording though, right? Seeing I enjoy advertisements, especially faux ones, that's the style I went for.
I used images from the Graphics Fairy, and wrote in my quote with Rosewood std font.
 Ah yes, that moment of imagination when the artsy side of pencil softness names gets thrown in with Shakespeare. You know how the one softness of pencil is 2B? Well couldn't help myself, and thought of what happens if you go pencil shopping with Shakespeare.

Again, the card consists of images from Graphics Fairy, the body from Google images, and the pencil hand drawn by me. Once more I went for an old fashion advertisement style.
This money pun postcard came out pretty fun I think. It's unfortunate the Graphics Fairy had no clip art of Big Ben, so I found an old image of it on Google images and scuffed up the edges to make it look worn. I also took a picture of the British flag and rippled it, then finished off the postcard look with a stamp image from Graphics Fairy.

I was unsure if the image did my quote justice, but I do like it anyway. Sometime I might make a second version to hold the quote and make it part of the pun card series.

I've been in the mood to try my hand at making my own cards, graphic designs, paper products, and themes for my own journals that will last always. These three cards are the first step to that concept, and gave me room to experiment.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Retro Days- Coffee, cooking, laundry

 Retro Days, a small series of images I made using some family member photos.
My mom wanted me to make these for the longest time so they could be added as fun extras to the Retro Cookbook to mark sections for cooking and cleaning. 

Isn't the coffee one fun? It was my first try, the style based off Claudine Helmuth's collage pieces. 
I used scanned scrapbook papers, mostly from the "Modern Homemaker" collection by October Afternoon.

Doing digital collage is so much easier when it comes to clothing overlay and perfect object resizing. 
I used two different scanned paper choices to make the cute dress, and added in matching jewelry to cover up details that didn't match the theme. Plus I took parts of other pictures to get the look I needed; the arm holding the cup once held a candle.

Retro Days "Baking" has to be one I love because of the expression. The entire image was based off the expression, and I added in what fit. Why she's wearing a fancy hat thing? We'll just say she's just coming home and trying to decide on what to make.
I made two versions, one colored, one black and white. I prefer the colored version personally. Also if you look really close, I even added words to the note she's holding to make it look like light shining through the paper. The one hand drawn element in the image is the cookbook holder.
 Retro Days "Ironing". A more comical section of the series for house keeping in the laundry/detergent section. 
I love the expression here, he's just so happy ironing a sock. Why a sock? (easier to draw) :P I enjoyed adding different elements and wrinkles to the shirt he wears. Plus it's amusing that I took a different head and added it to the body.

I made changes to the image. Left was the first version, had to shrink the lamp and change the shirt collar (this one looked too feminine or cowboyish).
The second version looks better I'll admit, plus the words on the wall are gonna make me laugh always. I mean, being home at the ironing board can't be a favorite hobby of most people. >_<
Couldn't pass the chance of completing the laundry day without a scene where our dude hangs the clothes to dry. This final Retro Days "Laundry Day" image was done for my own enjoyment. After the first one I did, an odd pleasure followed, and I decided to just whip up this fun extra for the heck of it. He's so happy with that blue shirt.
Again, scrapbook papers were use in this, with some hand drawn lines on the corner dress, and a digital painted background.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vintage themed fashion-Biker and buttered teal

 Finally, got to work on some old 2013 fashion sketches in need of some color.
The above panel, "Bubbly Biker" is a sketch based off an idea of what I would wear when riding a motorcycle or retro scooter. 
The blue and black scheme was the main idea, but pink and black seemed fun too. The knee high boots and ruffly trench jacket would be black leather, and the black lacy edge skirt with pretty polka dot top and tights are just extra to add cuteness. The black sleeves of the bodice are made of sheer fabric lined with a bit of ruffle. Plus, the boots have clasps on them, and the jacket buttons up.
Okay, so odds are this is more of a scooter outfit. :P
"Buttered Teal", something about this outfit I just love and wish I could wear it. I'm not normally one to wear yellow, but when it's the shade of creamy butter, it just seems to pleasant. 
This outfit is inspired off a shirt I saw in a pattern book, and I designed an outfit based off that, adding my own retro theme to it. 
The color scheme of teal and butter yellow has been in my head since the day I sketched this. No matter what color variation I thought of, these two shades were the ones I wanted.
It's a full dress with yellow polka dotted teal skirt, accented with teal buttons and color matching ruffles. Wear it with a set of tan pantyhose and matching pumps, and you've got a nice outfit for a spring time scooter ride or an afternoon at the diner.