Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spiderman Decorates the Tree

 Here's a funny panel of pictures. Just couldn't resist the cute idea of having Spiderman hang an ornament on my mini tree. It was a splurge of the moment photo shoot and it just seems so funny, plus the little accent ornaments on my tree are just the right size for the figurine's hands.
 A little joke on why I think Spiderman is decorating the tree while in his outfit. In my head I heard a 
 conversation between a fan and Spiderman and it went like this:

Fan: So Spiderman, why are you decorating a tree and wearing your suit still?
Spiderman: Well, you see the hands are cloth covered, so I don't tarnish the ornaments while I hang them up; you know, finger grease and all is bad for the ornaments, so I mind as well just wear the suit till I'm done.
Merry Christmas from Spiderman. :P

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