Saturday, December 6, 2014

Megatron VS MEGA Tron

Others I'm sure have made the connection of similar names between the Dicepticon leader Megatron and the computer program figure Tron. 

I've had the what if concept for a long while, of a giant Tron verses Megatron. A concept of why Megatron and MEGA Tron are in a video game face off setting is kind of funny. I imagined Megatron having a hacking session on the internet and his mind takes a wrong turn, getting trapped in the Tron world where he's then placed in games and Tron is super sized so the two are equally matched programs. (Hope the internet is strong, I can see Megatron facing some lag from his size) XP.

Other small concepts that make me laugh is the thought of having an actual video game like this. I can see this image showing up as an Easter egg pic in certain still life photo scenes I do, make a couple figures play a video game in the background and have this on the prop screen. :D

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