Monday, December 22, 2014

Frosted Feather Fashion

Yes, another fashion inspiration from the MN-CN-I RP. These outfits are inspired off the idea of Onah's winter festival gown, a theme to look as frosted feathers, seeing her design is based off the birds.

 The first design seemed okay, though didn't quite fit what flashed through my mind when I was first imagining the dress. It was pretty, but also seemed a bit too light weight for cold weather, so I made the second version which is meant to look as layered feathers lined with soft, sparkly downy feathers. I then added a fur wrap to the top for warmth, and added feather embroidery to the bodice. The whole outfit is meant to be soft and sparkly, two good themes for snow and birds.
I decided to add in a matching cape as extra, figured it would make sense considering the festival takes place outside in a snowy region.

The extra design on the far right is just like the first, only I excluded the skirt gems and smudged the material to look more feathered, but feel like it better resembles a mint. The extra clear layers on the top have extra feather fluff added to them too.

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