Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Coffee Book

The Coffee Book. Just a sneak peek at one of my large catalog books pertaining to foods and drinks I like. It's part of a three, possibly four book collection of food based catalogs, one of those being the Trader Joes Food Catalog. Each Album measures around 12x14.

In this book I hold coffee labels, coffee coasters, cards from coffee places, sugar packets from coffee stops, bean mixture recipes, and more. I also hope to have a coffee shop dream/planner section in the book for keeping record of things I dream to have in my own coffee place someday.

This album is simple; using cardboard, brown paper, paper bags and other papers for pages, additional decorations to the cover like stamping and embossed stenciled letters for the title, glazed and then given drilled holes to put the book rings through, accented with smoky black pony beads.

Left is front cover, middle is spine, right is back cover (inner covers look the same as back cover).

I hope to make a video flip through and show this albums contents when I get it completed.

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