Sunday, October 19, 2014

Potent Herbal Tea

A bit different for me to make things like this, but when the artsy urge hits, go with it. 

This was a canning jar of herbal tea sitting on my kitchen counter. I thought, hey, those herbs look kind of cool sitting around in this yellow liquid; makes me think of specimens kept in a jar of alcohol and hidden away somewhere in a dark, dusty basement. (Imagination can go anywhere right?). So I picked up my camera and took some pictures.

Then during PSE editing of the basic photos I thought, "Hey, wonder what this would look like if it were red or some other color"? I tried that and ended up liking the original and the red (especially when the herbs turned purple when I played with hue change).

After taking a look at the original, and then at the red, all I could think is, "That's some potent tea" (hence the title).
Original yellow images. Cool, kind of looks like parasites in a jar, or some kind of worm wriggling around in green plant matter.

Red adjust with hints of purple. Made me think of some kind of toxic juice or brine. Even in my geekyness I thought it looked like a drink for Makuta from the Bionicle series.

Both original and red edited hold their own charm in a strange kind of way.

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