Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Dancing

 Smell the apples, hay, and pumpkins
Feel the wind so cool and clean.
Dance with Autumn colors shining 
Waltz with leaves like in a dream
See the trees lose all their wishes
Every leaf like many kisses
 Acorns drop, warmth departed
Summer now feels weary hearted

 Back in my 2009 sketch book filled with pen scribbled sketches and illustration, I had this image which I call "Autumn Dancing". I've shown the black and white sketch before in the post Autumn Based Sketches; I'm just showing the sketch again so you can see I have finally colored it! :D

The final results came out differently than I expected, but I sort of just let my gut guide me, and slapped in the colors I thought looked nice.
I winged he background completely, even took an easier approach than my original idea; which was to scan Autumn scrapbook paper and use it as the background. Instead I just used a gradient for an Autumn sunset sky, then blotched in purple clouds with hints of gold (seemed cool, no idea why).
After all that I added brown spots to the leaf corners, and added extra maple leaves in with the mix of hand drawn leaves that float around the girl, who dances with the wind.

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