Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bubble Blue Electro

 Another cool experiment I did with a flier image. Bubble Blue Electro might serve as a character in some scifi ideas; her name would just be Electro. Who knows, maybe she's an android, reminds me of a character from Tron. 

Original experiment below. She was suppose to look like a robot of some sort, and that's when I went back and decided to make that theme more dominate. Used the cut out filter and the poster edge filter in PSE to make it look comic like. Then I used tech brushes to add that extra electrical themed touch.

A final tip on this is that I'm so pleased with the style of this image that I'm tempted to make a trading card series of electro and friends.

Beauty's Mirror

 Beauty's Mirror is a completed experiment I started some time ago. The image below was a test try of using a scanned face from a flier and then outlining and painting it. (base image result below).

Seeing it was cropped funnily, I felt like this woman was looking in a mirror, thus leading to the image above.

Never know, she could make a pretty Sleeping Beauty or something, might make a cool card even.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday and Sweets Book

Holiday and Sweets book. One of my favorite food catalogs out of the collection. 

I've yet to make a video flip through on this fat book, brimming with yummy contents.

Again, it measures 12x14, is made of cardboard, covered with old wrapping paper and accented with gold decorative tape. Front cover center piece is a wreath image from a holiday Trader Joes bag which I then colored with pastel chalk, the title is sparkly red embossed letters on brown card stock, inner covers are collages made from Trader Joes paper bag images, pages made from paper bags and other papers, tabs made from cereal box tabs backed with red paper bag and stamped with a title. The corrugated sides are hidden with gold duck tape, the cover sealed with Liquitex varnish, holes were then drilled and the book was completed with book rings accented with transparent red pony beads.
Left (back cover). Right (front cover).
Left (back inner cover). Right (front inner cover)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Coffee Book

The Coffee Book. Just a sneak peek at one of my large catalog books pertaining to foods and drinks I like. It's part of a three, possibly four book collection of food based catalogs, one of those being the Trader Joes Food Catalog. Each Album measures around 12x14.

In this book I hold coffee labels, coffee coasters, cards from coffee places, sugar packets from coffee stops, bean mixture recipes, and more. I also hope to have a coffee shop dream/planner section in the book for keeping record of things I dream to have in my own coffee place someday.

This album is simple; using cardboard, brown paper, paper bags and other papers for pages, additional decorations to the cover like stamping and embossed stenciled letters for the title, glazed and then given drilled holes to put the book rings through, accented with smoky black pony beads.

Left is front cover, middle is spine, right is back cover (inner covers look the same as back cover).

I hope to make a video flip through and show this albums contents when I get it completed.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Potent Herbal Tea

A bit different for me to make things like this, but when the artsy urge hits, go with it. 

This was a canning jar of herbal tea sitting on my kitchen counter. I thought, hey, those herbs look kind of cool sitting around in this yellow liquid; makes me think of specimens kept in a jar of alcohol and hidden away somewhere in a dark, dusty basement. (Imagination can go anywhere right?). So I picked up my camera and took some pictures.

Then during PSE editing of the basic photos I thought, "Hey, wonder what this would look like if it were red or some other color"? I tried that and ended up liking the original and the red (especially when the herbs turned purple when I played with hue change).

After taking a look at the original, and then at the red, all I could think is, "That's some potent tea" (hence the title).
Original yellow images. Cool, kind of looks like parasites in a jar, or some kind of worm wriggling around in green plant matter.

Red adjust with hints of purple. Made me think of some kind of toxic juice or brine. Even in my geekyness I thought it looked like a drink for Makuta from the Bionicle series.

Both original and red edited hold their own charm in a strange kind of way.

Boogie Board City Bay

Back on September 25th my brother scribbled doodles on a thing called a Boogie Board (some kind of digital note screen) being displayed at Joane's. He was tired of being at Joane's, and sketched out this city scene with a big sunset/sunrise (whatever...). I liked it for some reason, and couldn't pass up taking a photo before he erased it and sketched out a farting Mario.

He said the city sketch wasn't that good, but the beauty of it in my eyes is its simplicity. It holds a certain charm to it, despite it being quick and sketchy.
Just to show what the devise is, that's it. Some kind of tablet technology with stylus.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Pal

I shared the original of this image back in the post Pumpkin Scribbler during 2011. The image dates older than that; I include it below. This year I set out to make improvements for fun, added shading and glow for more depth.

He's still a happy pumpkin; makes a great kids card for Halloween. :D
More enhanced old scribblers on the way. ^.~

Big Belly Bulldog in leaves

Long time back my sister helped in finding this funny, fat bulldog in a scribbler mess. Once she drew it, we left the scribbly mess below as Autumn foliage which the dog so happily sits in.

The original (below) as every scribbler of the 2005/6 or even older era is of course colored with all flat tones. To improve, I simply added shading and more depth to the bushes, splotched in some clouds, and speckled on Autumn colors to the greenish brown leaf mess, resulting in the final piece above.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Dancing

 Smell the apples, hay, and pumpkins
Feel the wind so cool and clean.
Dance with Autumn colors shining 
Waltz with leaves like in a dream
See the trees lose all their wishes
Every leaf like many kisses
 Acorns drop, warmth departed
Summer now feels weary hearted

 Back in my 2009 sketch book filled with pen scribbled sketches and illustration, I had this image which I call "Autumn Dancing". I've shown the black and white sketch before in the post Autumn Based Sketches; I'm just showing the sketch again so you can see I have finally colored it! :D

The final results came out differently than I expected, but I sort of just let my gut guide me, and slapped in the colors I thought looked nice.
I winged he background completely, even took an easier approach than my original idea; which was to scan Autumn scrapbook paper and use it as the background. Instead I just used a gradient for an Autumn sunset sky, then blotched in purple clouds with hints of gold (seemed cool, no idea why).
After all that I added brown spots to the leaf corners, and added extra maple leaves in with the mix of hand drawn leaves that float around the girl, who dances with the wind.