Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moonlight Magician

 Moon Magician, has kind of a Mrs. Frankenstein vibe. Originally this started off as a sketch I did during a power outage (pencil and ink stages just below). Color schemes were different in my mind; at first I was going to make the dress a purple scarlet color, and give the woman blondish white hair. That scheme changed when I found the more I worked, the more it wasn't blending, so after playing with colors, I ended up on a more Halloween type path. My colors ended up being deep blues, purple, green, black, and silver (the hair made black and silver just seemed right). So whether she's a magician or Madam Frankenstein, sometimes letting art go where it wants results in more interesting outcomes.

Originally I was going to color the picture with actual medium, but decided it wasn't worth too much effort, so I settled with digital, and am happier with the results.

(Left pencil, right inked)

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