Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mer Baby Collage

 Mer Baby collage, this is a super old piece. The original (below) was made so long back I can't really remember when I did it, my guess is around the age of 12 or so.  Original piece is very plain, but cute; I decide it could use a bit more interest and applied extra details digitally (resulting in the image above). The adjustments were simple, I just added some coral and sea weed to the background, and slapped on some light beams and ripples with the dodge tool, also added some darkness touch ups here and there.

Supplies: All flier images; I remember using a soap advertisement and a shampoo thing for the purple shell. Added some pen strokes for detail. The rest was finding a baby, drawing a tail, and other stuff on other pieces of paper, adding in some pencil details, and that's it.

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