Friday, September 5, 2014

Candy and Caramel Apple-fashion design

Yes I did it. Candy Apple (left), Caramel Apple (right). Candy apple is an outfit inspired off the Autumn Flounce Dolls.  Candy apple was always my favorite, and I think about them every year when it starts nearing Autumn. I figured her sister should be taken into account while I was at it, so I designed Caramel Apple (sort of just played with the designs). With further thought I may be able to make even more interesting designs of the candy apple theme, but spurt of the moment, this is what I got for now.

Left is the original candy apple doll design to show reference of the original concept and the improved fashion take on this concept.

Character concept based on these outfits. Candy apple is sweet yet tangy, always ready for anything and may seem hard on the surface, but is soft at heart. 

Her sister Caramel apple is mellow and just right, a balance of sweet, tangy, and smooth in her ways. She's gentle and easy to talk with, but has a kick like a granny smith apple, and can be a bit tart when miffed.

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