Monday, September 22, 2014

Bee Careful-scribble

Bee Careful. Fun anonymous scribbler from long ago. I've never done well around bees, but there is a little story which can attach to this image. It reminds me of the current ground bee issue we have in our yard; my dad has already been stung several times, hence the newest name, "Bee Careful".

Tweaks- shading, blush, lighting, facial tweaks, and clouds.
Original scribble.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tight Squeeze-scribble

I've always loved this image, another scribbler result. The Octopus just wants a hug. ^.~ Poor  diver dude is in a bit of a tight squeeze. Again, a great piece for hanging on the wall of a kids bathroom, or used as a summer postcard.

Tweaks- shading, light stroked with dodge, and water ripple texture.
Original scribble.

Fish Flash Orange-scribble

Fish Flash Orange, a scribbler that was in need of completion. As you can see in the original (below), it needed seaweed color, and the shark needed a fin.  I played withe texture, shading, bubbles, and paint tweaks, getting what could be cute on a kid's bathroom wall or as a simple summer postcard.
Originals still have charm.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cute Mosquito-scribble

I love this old scribble. Cute mosquito pictures are so much better than the real life blood suckers. This one is likely a boy, drinking nectar from a pink daisy. Could be another kind of bug, use your imagination. ^.~

Tweaks- shading, cloud blotches, a hint of sparkle to the eyes.
Original scribble.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Butterfly Rose-scribble

Butterfly rose was a simple scribbler. Fun kid art, great way to express themes and subjects. This is a summer themed piece obviously, and roses in September are always cool, though the weather is no longer super hot and supporting to things like roses. Butterflies and birds are still coming around though, so it's still like spring.

Tweaks made- simple shadow outline and cloud blotches, with a hint of color burn. Kind of makes me think of stained glass.
Original scribbler.

Laced Wing Butterfly-scribble

Diving back into old (I mean OLD) scribbler images, and tweaking them to my taste. Just to add an extra pop to the image, I decorated the background with sunburst circles and shaded over the foreground elements. I thought the wings seemed a bit whacky, and decided to add thread crossings (hence the title, Laced Wing Butterfly). It's a what if there were fairytale things with sewn wings.

Stay tuned for more warm weather based pieces (we still have some butterflies in my region) :P
The Original scribbler image.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moonlight Magician

 Moon Magician, has kind of a Mrs. Frankenstein vibe. Originally this started off as a sketch I did during a power outage (pencil and ink stages just below). Color schemes were different in my mind; at first I was going to make the dress a purple scarlet color, and give the woman blondish white hair. That scheme changed when I found the more I worked, the more it wasn't blending, so after playing with colors, I ended up on a more Halloween type path. My colors ended up being deep blues, purple, green, black, and silver (the hair made black and silver just seemed right). So whether she's a magician or Madam Frankenstein, sometimes letting art go where it wants results in more interesting outcomes.

Originally I was going to color the picture with actual medium, but decided it wasn't worth too much effort, so I settled with digital, and am happier with the results.

(Left pencil, right inked)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sea Fairy Nymph

Sea Fairy, one of my favorite pieces so far done with Prismacolor marker on copic paper; enhanced digitally with levels, darkened color, and watery backdrop done with PSE. The design and inspiration of this sea fairy nymph was slightly based off "Lady In the Water" the main song of the movie always an inspiration for Aquatic themes, which I've listed below. (Guess year of creation-2011)
 The outfit and hair was my favorite part of the work, hair being inspired off Nouveau paintings, and outfit based off Curque Du Soleil costumes from one particular scene in the show, Varekai. 
Costume inspiration below.

Zest Flower Fairy

Zest Flower, the wild, candy colored fairy. Old fantasy piece, about 2011 in date. I made the image to serve as a birthday or greeting card, later to enhance it digitally. Main work done with Prismacolor markers on copic marker paper. Adjusted levels, added eye shine, and gradient background with PSE.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mer Baby Collage

 Mer Baby collage, this is a super old piece. The original (below) was made so long back I can't really remember when I did it, my guess is around the age of 12 or so.  Original piece is very plain, but cute; I decide it could use a bit more interest and applied extra details digitally (resulting in the image above). The adjustments were simple, I just added some coral and sea weed to the background, and slapped on some light beams and ripples with the dodge tool, also added some darkness touch ups here and there.

Supplies: All flier images; I remember using a soap advertisement and a shampoo thing for the purple shell. Added some pen strokes for detail. The rest was finding a baby, drawing a tail, and other stuff on other pieces of paper, adding in some pencil details, and that's it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Galactic Grecian-fashion designs

Galactic Grecian, a four set fashion theme that came from a fashion sketch dump I did one night at my kitchen table. I may carry on this theme in the near future, I like it (as for the name it just seemed catchy). From left to right: Grecian Galaxy (stars, planets, clouds). Diner Dancer (retro themed alien waitress outfit for some far off galaxy diner, can be used for other themes). Sun Struck (a theme for the sun and stars). Beaded Universe (splashes of galaxy suns and planetary rings).

Friday, September 5, 2014

Candy and Caramel Apple-fashion design

Yes I did it. Candy Apple (left), Caramel Apple (right). Candy apple is an outfit inspired off the Autumn Flounce Dolls.  Candy apple was always my favorite, and I think about them every year when it starts nearing Autumn. I figured her sister should be taken into account while I was at it, so I designed Caramel Apple (sort of just played with the designs). With further thought I may be able to make even more interesting designs of the candy apple theme, but spurt of the moment, this is what I got for now.

Left is the original candy apple doll design to show reference of the original concept and the improved fashion take on this concept.

Character concept based on these outfits. Candy apple is sweet yet tangy, always ready for anything and may seem hard on the surface, but is soft at heart. 

Her sister Caramel apple is mellow and just right, a balance of sweet, tangy, and smooth in her ways. She's gentle and easy to talk with, but has a kick like a granny smith apple, and can be a bit tart when miffed.