Friday, August 29, 2014

TJ Food Catalog Food Box Inserts-DIY Vid

Getting back to the TJ's Food Catalog. I've been working like crazy on the book and it's very fat already. The video above is to show what I do to display food product boxes. I came up with a simple thread loop insert to preserve the packaging and avoid punching holes into the ingredients sections of the boxes. There are many way to display your boxes in a book, this is just one of them. You can also choose to dissect the box and glue the parts you deem important onto the page. Or you can add a strip of paper to the edge, and punch holes through that so you don't risk punching out writing from the box itself. Either way, if you choose to make a food catalog or journal made of food stuff, this is one way to add some interesting writing spots. 
Future flip through of my food catalog awaits, no telling when I'll get to it, but stay tuned. ^.~

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