Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Retro Cookbook video and pics

 I made the quick video clip above as a flip through to remember the pages of the Retro Cookbook, consisting of October Afternoon "Modern Homemaker" papers and more. My mom bugged me for a few years to help her get this thing done as a gift for my oldest sister, and finally, after lots of pushing, I made some blank recipe pages and a few specialty pages in PSE, some sticker sheets and such, printed them out and helped get this thing done.
The basic book is a "We Are Memory Keepers" binder, nice sturdy covers that are easily cleanable, a good choice for the kitchen. Red is of course I good choice for retro. Below are some pictures of several favorite pages from the cook book which my mom did a good job on.

 The paper to the left in above image actually reminds me of Irish coffee for some reason. Go figure being that the page beside it is of a woman with coffee.
 I did some editing on a few scrapbook supplies. The list tag on the left page in above image had some extra words my mom didn't want there, so I went in and erased them with PSE, then printed out the cleaned tag.
 I helped a little with the page on the left page above. It was a bit blank, so I drew out the little green chilli pepper and it did the trick of adding a perfect touch to the white chili recipe.
 This page set up is one of my favorites. Note each page divider in this book is made from Modern Homemaker papers, given tabs, and then professionally laminated to ensure they're protected for years to come.
 These two pages make me happy. Both of them are part of the blank recipe card pages I assembled using some frames and collected items, throwing them together in PSE (I may show the collection in another post). The red recipe page on the left was all basic frame work with added Modern Homemaker scrapbook elements I scanned. The right page is a specialty, being that the funny sombrero wearing chili man was hand drawn and colored by my brother, specifically made for the Mexican Shell recipe, and then slapped one of my printable scallop recipe pages.
 The right page above is also a special page, one which I had to assemble a sign label and comic for. This page contains hand written recipes jotted by my brother-in-law, and will be a treasure page for the oldest sister the book has been given to.

The tab dividers were tricky, no tape or glue was able to keep down the labels made with a smash book label maker. I advised using black grommets on the plastic, and it was a success. Above is the tab display and a small close up of the sections.

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