Monday, August 18, 2014

Pretty Party Pearllight/Onah outfits

Yesterday I designed these pretty skirt designs, outfits based off an event in the MN-CN-I RP involving a festival and the waltz. The skirts are themed to match my two characters, Pearllight and Onah. First design in the upper right corner isn't my favorite, it was experimental and quick, and then came Onah's skirt design of sheer green layers with a yellow skirt flap and pink blossom accents. Onah's hair clip is shown just below it. After designing Onah's skirt, I took the same pattern, liking it a lot, and added more full ruffles to it, resulting in my final choice for Pearllight's skirt (lower right corner) which is triple layered and in the base color schemes, the pearl flower necklace matching with the final design.

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