Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mata Nui Virtue Necklace-design

Who knew Bionicle stuff could be turned into something so pretty. I've been on a roll with designing geeky jewelry pieces, and this one holds a load of symbolism relating to the Bionicle storyline. In the center is the Mata Nui robot, his hands holding onto the chains of the universe and all its sparkling stars. The piece above him is of the the Bionicle universe (also known as the three virtues) broken apart, and hanging by Mata Nui's feet is the universe made whole again, a result of him reuniting the moons with the main planet.

 All of the elements would be metal, sparkling black beads, and custom pendant pieces. The universe pieces would be black paper glued to a pendant backing, then sprinkled with glitter for the stars, and  given dimension with resin or glue, completed with the symbols.

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