Sunday, August 31, 2014

Light and Shadow TnM Bionicle Jewelry

The creating continues. Some thought it would be cool to see the stand alone elements of shadow and light from the Bionicle series as jewelry. Seeing these two themes don't have elemental symbols, but rather characters, that's what I worked with for the shadow and light jewelry series. Note, I owe a big thanks to the work of Faber Files and his Bionicle art. I used his cleverly designed Takanuva and Teridax (Makuta) name symbols as part of the jewelry designs, seeing they worked so well. See Takanuva vs Makuta logo and nametag post from Faber Files for the original design page.

The shadow vs light medallion (lower right corner) was something I threw together to look like a yin yang symbol, separated in the middle with a more alien version of the Bionicle logo (also Faber's work). I also hung this medallion from the base of the Makuta/Takanuva necklace centerpiece. 

I love the way the Makuta/Takanuva cameos came out, and the extra pieces were actually U shapes from the original logos. In the middle of the main necklace is a bracelet that would be elastic band based, and all the pieces are accented with black sparkling gem beads.

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