Saturday, August 2, 2014

Le Midnight Artist

I've always wanted to make a postcard or something to represent all the night owl artists out there. The Midnight Artist is a name which has stuck in my head for ages (and I happen to be one). I thought about starting a mini art series of artists working at night, when the moon is out and the dreams are strong. But seeing I wanted to get this idea out quickly, I made an intro postcard, and I love it. All I did was take a few Noeveau motifs, a dreamy backdrop, a moon, and a strip of my favorite celestial backdrop for flooring to make the card.

I used a few filters on the moon and clouds to make it appear painted, colored over the woman artist motif and themed the colors to match the night, added a sparkling floor, flower motif in the corner, then put my title, and loved it. I especially love how perfectly the woman painting the moon looks. Who else wants to paint the moon? :P

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