Saturday, August 9, 2014

Echo Plasmana

Echo Plasmana is a fictional scifi figure recently invented, a result from the MN-CN-I RP. In one of the sequences an A.I. program named Heathcliff required another A.I. to speak with. Pearllight (my character) seldom released Echo, her emergency backup A.I. figure that runs her suit if she can't. Echo communicated with Heathcliff and the more I acted her, the more I liked her. Suddenly her form came to mind, and I saw her as some kind of electrical fairy, with flowing plasma hair and tech symbols on a body suit. Her form only appears as a hologram or image on a screen, she herself is a complex cluster of data that is so advanced she can think for herself (but that's a secret). 

I'm happy for tech based brushes, which were used to make the background and decorations on Echo. The I used a few other brushes from a set I like to call electric fantasy. Put it all together and I got what represents a computer chip and data on the inside of Pearllight's suit. The style is sort of like electric Nouveau.

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