Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bionicle Element Jewelry

 So I mentioned in the Novelty Bionicle Belt designs post that the more I worked with the elemental symbols from Bionicle, the more ideas I've been getting. Oh yes, I did, this is sure to me a great gift idea for any Bionicle fan (specifically girls) who want novelty jewelry of their favorite series. In the jewelry series above I developed several options of design. On the left I made the six elements dangle earrings set, each one color coded with a bead to signify each symbol's element (yes they're a matching earrings set to go with the belt design. On the bottom I made a bracelet going along the same concept, complete with crackle beads in matching colors (also made to match the earrings and belt). Then to the right I invented three options for a square clip bracelet of all the elemental symbols. The first design would be enamel colored, each element symbol coated with classic Bionicle color choices for the elements. Middle bracelet is all metal, a basic protodermis concept. (The first two are both girl and guy friendly). The third is color coded, only this time with gem studding to match each element, a sparkling, geeky piece of jewelry that could look nice with anything bright and colorful.

My second Bionicle jewelry idea was to make a full earring series of the base elements and their symbols (below). Starting from left to right and going from the top to bottom we have fire, water, air, ice, earth, and stone. Each one holds its own charm and personality.

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  1. Dude, I'm a guy and I'd TOTALLY wear one of those bracelets!! :D Are these actually things you made or plan on making? Cuz I'd totally be willing to fund their creation just to get one! :D