Sunday, August 31, 2014

Light and Shadow TnM Bionicle Jewelry

The creating continues. Some thought it would be cool to see the stand alone elements of shadow and light from the Bionicle series as jewelry. Seeing these two themes don't have elemental symbols, but rather characters, that's what I worked with for the shadow and light jewelry series. Note, I owe a big thanks to the work of Faber Files and his Bionicle art. I used his cleverly designed Takanuva and Teridax (Makuta) name symbols as part of the jewelry designs, seeing they worked so well. See Takanuva vs Makuta logo and nametag post from Faber Files for the original design page.

The shadow vs light medallion (lower right corner) was something I threw together to look like a yin yang symbol, separated in the middle with a more alien version of the Bionicle logo (also Faber's work). I also hung this medallion from the base of the Makuta/Takanuva necklace centerpiece. 

I love the way the Makuta/Takanuva cameos came out, and the extra pieces were actually U shapes from the original logos. In the middle of the main necklace is a bracelet that would be elastic band based, and all the pieces are accented with black sparkling gem beads.

Mata Nui Virtue Necklace-design

Who knew Bionicle stuff could be turned into something so pretty. I've been on a roll with designing geeky jewelry pieces, and this one holds a load of symbolism relating to the Bionicle storyline. In the center is the Mata Nui robot, his hands holding onto the chains of the universe and all its sparkling stars. The piece above him is of the the Bionicle universe (also known as the three virtues) broken apart, and hanging by Mata Nui's feet is the universe made whole again, a result of him reuniting the moons with the main planet.

 All of the elements would be metal, sparkling black beads, and custom pendant pieces. The universe pieces would be black paper glued to a pendant backing, then sprinkled with glitter for the stars, and  given dimension with resin or glue, completed with the symbols.

Bionicle Element Headbands

Another matching fashion inspiration for the series of Bionicle Element Jewelry. Not much different from the bracelets; I figured it would be fun to have matching headbands to wear with the belt, bracelets, and earrings.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dark, Earth, Light- Gypsy Wear

At the fashion table again. And yes, these designs are in fact inspired from the MN-CN-I RP. From left to right (Darkness, Onu Koro themed. Earth, Po and Onu Koro themed. Light, inspired by the thought of sunlight and snow). The darkness and light outfits were split second flash images in my mind pertaining to many costumes my character Onah tends to wear. I design skirt flaps and blouses for her character because they tend to be worn over armor plating. The earth design was inspired off Onu and Po Koro (stone and earth regions). The darkness outfit was worn by Onah in Onu, an underground village. The light outfit was worn to Ko, an ice village.

TJ Food Catalog Food Box Inserts-DIY Vid

Getting back to the TJ's Food Catalog. I've been working like crazy on the book and it's very fat already. The video above is to show what I do to display food product boxes. I came up with a simple thread loop insert to preserve the packaging and avoid punching holes into the ingredients sections of the boxes. There are many way to display your boxes in a book, this is just one of them. You can also choose to dissect the box and glue the parts you deem important onto the page. Or you can add a strip of paper to the edge, and punch holes through that so you don't risk punching out writing from the box itself. Either way, if you choose to make a food catalog or journal made of food stuff, this is one way to add some interesting writing spots. 
Future flip through of my food catalog awaits, no telling when I'll get to it, but stay tuned. ^.~

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Retro Cookbook video and pics

 I made the quick video clip above as a flip through to remember the pages of the Retro Cookbook, consisting of October Afternoon "Modern Homemaker" papers and more. My mom bugged me for a few years to help her get this thing done as a gift for my oldest sister, and finally, after lots of pushing, I made some blank recipe pages and a few specialty pages in PSE, some sticker sheets and such, printed them out and helped get this thing done.
The basic book is a "We Are Memory Keepers" binder, nice sturdy covers that are easily cleanable, a good choice for the kitchen. Red is of course I good choice for retro. Below are some pictures of several favorite pages from the cook book which my mom did a good job on.

 The paper to the left in above image actually reminds me of Irish coffee for some reason. Go figure being that the page beside it is of a woman with coffee.
 I did some editing on a few scrapbook supplies. The list tag on the left page in above image had some extra words my mom didn't want there, so I went in and erased them with PSE, then printed out the cleaned tag.
 I helped a little with the page on the left page above. It was a bit blank, so I drew out the little green chilli pepper and it did the trick of adding a perfect touch to the white chili recipe.
 This page set up is one of my favorites. Note each page divider in this book is made from Modern Homemaker papers, given tabs, and then professionally laminated to ensure they're protected for years to come.
 These two pages make me happy. Both of them are part of the blank recipe card pages I assembled using some frames and collected items, throwing them together in PSE (I may show the collection in another post). The red recipe page on the left was all basic frame work with added Modern Homemaker scrapbook elements I scanned. The right page is a specialty, being that the funny sombrero wearing chili man was hand drawn and colored by my brother, specifically made for the Mexican Shell recipe, and then slapped one of my printable scallop recipe pages.
 The right page above is also a special page, one which I had to assemble a sign label and comic for. This page contains hand written recipes jotted by my brother-in-law, and will be a treasure page for the oldest sister the book has been given to.

The tab dividers were tricky, no tape or glue was able to keep down the labels made with a smash book label maker. I advised using black grommets on the plastic, and it was a success. Above is the tab display and a small close up of the sections.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pretty Party Pearllight/Onah outfits

Yesterday I designed these pretty skirt designs, outfits based off an event in the MN-CN-I RP involving a festival and the waltz. The skirts are themed to match my two characters, Pearllight and Onah. First design in the upper right corner isn't my favorite, it was experimental and quick, and then came Onah's skirt design of sheer green layers with a yellow skirt flap and pink blossom accents. Onah's hair clip is shown just below it. After designing Onah's skirt, I took the same pattern, liking it a lot, and added more full ruffles to it, resulting in my final choice for Pearllight's skirt (lower right corner) which is triple layered and in the base color schemes, the pearl flower necklace matching with the final design.

Onah's mask/hair clip design

This is a simple piece inspired off an off world scene from the MN-CN-I RP. It's a hair clip, but for the characters of this world is known as a mask clip, being that it magnetizes to the metal masks they wear. I designed this piece for one of my character's name Onah, to match with a skirt design I sketched out.

Again, it was a split second idea, came to mind in the small scene where Ion purchases a skirt for Onah, and is given the matching flower mask clip as a side gift.

Pearl flower Necklace design

More jewelry concept designs, oh yeah. This design as many of my designs have been lately, was a split second idea that came to view after a small scene acted in the MN-CN-I RP. I thought of my favorite color combos (main ones being from my MOC character) then I thought of what jewelry piece would match my character, and ended up with a mother of pearl flower carving, accented with blue beads and leaves, topped on gold vines which would be wire wrapped and welded, completed with a gold chain. 

The piece came to mind and in RP is a jewelry piece purchased at the funny story called Leafets and More. Tokuta bought the piece as a gift for my character, Pearllight. (date created Fri., Aug. 14, 2014)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Water Nymph

Nothing like a middle of August illustration. I made the sketch in my Recycled Dragonfly Journal awhile back during the year. Not till today did I decide to digitally color the black and white scan; didn't want to hand color because gradient tones were a must for the color schemes, and aquatic themes (especially the mermaid's tail).

I chose color schemes that remind me of saltwater taffy and tropical fruits or coral, used the burn and dodge tool for lighting, added scales in a different program, and added those oh so pretty water ripples using an electric fantasy brush.

The water nymph looks at her fish friend, "See, my hair just gets longer" she says, her friends admiring the display.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Echo Plasmana

Echo Plasmana is a fictional scifi figure recently invented, a result from the MN-CN-I RP. In one of the sequences an A.I. program named Heathcliff required another A.I. to speak with. Pearllight (my character) seldom released Echo, her emergency backup A.I. figure that runs her suit if she can't. Echo communicated with Heathcliff and the more I acted her, the more I liked her. Suddenly her form came to mind, and I saw her as some kind of electrical fairy, with flowing plasma hair and tech symbols on a body suit. Her form only appears as a hologram or image on a screen, she herself is a complex cluster of data that is so advanced she can think for herself (but that's a secret). 

I'm happy for tech based brushes, which were used to make the background and decorations on Echo. The I used a few other brushes from a set I like to call electric fantasy. Put it all together and I got what represents a computer chip and data on the inside of Pearllight's suit. The style is sort of like electric Nouveau.

Bionicle Element Jewelry

 So I mentioned in the Novelty Bionicle Belt designs post that the more I worked with the elemental symbols from Bionicle, the more ideas I've been getting. Oh yes, I did, this is sure to me a great gift idea for any Bionicle fan (specifically girls) who want novelty jewelry of their favorite series. In the jewelry series above I developed several options of design. On the left I made the six elements dangle earrings set, each one color coded with a bead to signify each symbol's element (yes they're a matching earrings set to go with the belt design. On the bottom I made a bracelet going along the same concept, complete with crackle beads in matching colors (also made to match the earrings and belt). Then to the right I invented three options for a square clip bracelet of all the elemental symbols. The first design would be enamel colored, each element symbol coated with classic Bionicle color choices for the elements. Middle bracelet is all metal, a basic protodermis concept. (The first two are both girl and guy friendly). The third is color coded, only this time with gem studding to match each element, a sparkling, geeky piece of jewelry that could look nice with anything bright and colorful.

My second Bionicle jewelry idea was to make a full earring series of the base elements and their symbols (below). Starting from left to right and going from the top to bottom we have fire, water, air, ice, earth, and stone. Each one holds its own charm and personality.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Just Us Five

Just for fun, this is a joke postcard, measuring 5x7. I made it for my private online RP community, which is basically just a place me and four other people hang out as buds. The community itself is named MN-CN-I, but the joke concept name for the community is "Just Us Five". I liked the joke name, and made the card just to remember the concept.

Since the community revolves around an RP of islands, I used the beach theme, added painted letters, and also Matoran letters on tattered cloth to complete the island feel. Note, to carry the joke more, I added five tiki heads to complete the just us five aspect of the group. I think it turned out fun. :D

Novelty Bionicle Belt designs

I've been playing around more with the elemental symbols from the Bionicle series. I find the more I work with them, the more ideas I get. Now that I've made a gift box and book design for the air symbol, I felt like trying for novelty nerd based accessories, and designed these elemental belts.

Each symbol would be metal and strung together by a type of chain with a clip on the end. I went ahead and made two types, one for girls, and one for guys. The only difference between the two is that the girl one is made of circular loop chain, a choice made to pick up on the theme of Matoran writing, and each symbol is coordinated with colored beads that signify the element they're next to. 
The guy version has no colored beads, and is strung with a masculine chain, all silver and metal (more like a purely protodermis based belt if you want to get geeky about it).

Le Midnight Artist

I've always wanted to make a postcard or something to represent all the night owl artists out there. The Midnight Artist is a name which has stuck in my head for ages (and I happen to be one). I thought about starting a mini art series of artists working at night, when the moon is out and the dreams are strong. But seeing I wanted to get this idea out quickly, I made an intro postcard, and I love it. All I did was take a few Noeveau motifs, a dreamy backdrop, a moon, and a strip of my favorite celestial backdrop for flooring to make the card.

I used a few filters on the moon and clouds to make it appear painted, colored over the woman artist motif and themed the colors to match the night, added a sparkling floor, flower motif in the corner, then put my title, and loved it. I especially love how perfectly the woman painting the moon looks. Who else wants to paint the moon? :P