Thursday, July 31, 2014

Le Koro journal/gift box design

In the MN-CN-I RP, I mentioned about the Maori leaf charm designed for the character Ion. I decided to go ahead and design the box his charm was held in (left corner) with the classic symbol for air in the traditional green color from the Bionicle series. The top would be metallic and the base would be black and textured.

In a funny store called Leaflets and More (invention of mine in the RP), the character Ion purchased a journal with the classic air symbol. I couldn't resist, just had to design the book for the sake of sharing what's in my head. On the right is the final concept, the symbol would be metallic and the base of the book black leather, complete with painted Maori symbols on the front, and silky green ribbon book mark on the inside. Sometime I may work on making these objects actual, absolutely love the book design, so that would be one of my goals.

Funny that a fan based Bionicle RP can inspire so many great ideas. :D

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