Monday, July 21, 2014

Ion's Jungle Wear

Ok, this may seem a bit awkward, but this is fantasy fashion. This butt flap was designed for the scifi-fantasy character named Ion, a Bionicle based being acted by, Bionicle MOC FTW (yes it's a mouth full), who's one of the actors in an online fan fiction RP I'm part of.

The design relates to a simple event coming soon in the RP, one where Ion will wear this decoration to attract an air type named Onah, a pretty bird based being. (As I said, awkward....)

The green and black color scheme is based off wind and shadow elements (Ion's elemental set),  the flap laces on, is tribal themed, leather, and meant to be worn as a decoration over armor plating. This decorative accessory applies as a base design to outfit schemes in my fan fiction Life of Lewa, and may use this simple design again in a drawing someday.

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