Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fantasy Hair Bun Designs

I've always liked pigtail and double hair bun styles, then one day I decided to design hair bun decorations and pigtail clips of my own; concepts for fantasy and novelty wear.

My first concept was the Rose Bud design, based off the theme of spring garden fairies. Followed by that was the Pearllight helmet cap, a hair style based off my icon character's helmet design, the option to bring her hair out through the armor. Crescent moon has to be one of my favorites in the first design set (celestial themes, always love them); it's basically a hair cap with metallic crescent moon shapes attached, complete with dangling star on a chain accents that glisten in the light, and has sparkly silver star patterns sewn to the white base of the bun cover top. Final design is nerdy in nature, a pigtail clip that wraps over the hair band, the metal designs being that of the water symbol from the Bionile series, Gali's theme (I see my character wearing these designs in the fantasy region of water, for amusement).
Second set of designs started with the Jelly fish Sea theme, and headed down the road of sweets, candy land lane. The jelly fish sea design is inspired off actual hair bands I own, and one day I hope to make the hair cap design possible. Strawberry cone slips over the buns, then buttons and bobby pins into the hair where the cone ends meet (really cute design to wear during summer). Chocolate Cherry Sunday is a chocolate covered ice cream hat combined with giant cherry bun covers which hold it on (a sister theme that relates to strawberry cone caps). Sweet Cupcake bun covers are a sweet thing for wearing while baking, the design is inspired of my icon character's theme to hand out "magical" chocolate cupcakes that brighten up anyone's day. And finally the simple design of a pink mushroom cap (inspired off the idea of fairies and toadstool characters from Mario).

 And for the record, above and below, yes I once wore double hair buns twice... they're not easy because they require pigtails and bobby pins. First time is the above image, second time (below) was much cleaner because bobby pins were used. These particular hair styles are ones I'd like to try again, only without sticks, and instead decorated with hair buns based off the designs shown above.

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