Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blue French Court outfit

Blue French Court outfit, a slightly modernized take on the fancy gowns of the French Courts.The design would be a simple white undershirt with a cloud blue skirt, pleated for lots of movement and fullness. The fancy jacket overlay has plenty of gold embroidery designs on the sleeves and coat flaps, complete with lace trim for matching with the lace edged knee highs. Put on a bit of sparkly jewelry, slip on a set of blue bowed heels, do your hair up in a bunch of curls like the ridiculous white wigs, and the outfit is complete.

I used a sacred geometry frame when first designing the costume. It was an experiment, and I was happy with the results of more balanced symmetry in the form. Coloring was digital, had to make some tweaks later. Estimated date of creation (2009).

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