Thursday, July 31, 2014

Le Koro journal/gift box design

In the MN-CN-I RP, I mentioned about the Maori leaf charm designed for the character Ion. I decided to go ahead and design the box his charm was held in (left corner) with the classic symbol for air in the traditional green color from the Bionicle series. The top would be metallic and the base would be black and textured.

In a funny store called Leaflets and More (invention of mine in the RP), the character Ion purchased a journal with the classic air symbol. I couldn't resist, just had to design the book for the sake of sharing what's in my head. On the right is the final concept, the symbol would be metallic and the base of the book black leather, complete with painted Maori symbols on the front, and silky green ribbon book mark on the inside. Sometime I may work on making these objects actual, absolutely love the book design, so that would be one of my goals.

Funny that a fan based Bionicle RP can inspire so many great ideas. :D

Maori Leaf Necklace Design

Just last night I was in the mood to design a Maori leaf necklace, a quick idea inspired off a scene in a new RP I've started called (MN-CN-I). This necklace was a gift to the character Ion by my character Onah. The jewelry piece is meant to match his elemental theme, and also the butt flap design I made a little while back for BionicleMOC FTW's character.

Gotta love the chain brush, made this design come out in less time, and added that perfect touch (and yes the chain is black). If the necklace were actual, it would be stained bone, or carved clay that's been painted.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blue French Court outfit

Blue French Court outfit, a slightly modernized take on the fancy gowns of the French Courts.The design would be a simple white undershirt with a cloud blue skirt, pleated for lots of movement and fullness. The fancy jacket overlay has plenty of gold embroidery designs on the sleeves and coat flaps, complete with lace trim for matching with the lace edged knee highs. Put on a bit of sparkly jewelry, slip on a set of blue bowed heels, do your hair up in a bunch of curls like the ridiculous white wigs, and the outfit is complete.

I used a sacred geometry frame when first designing the costume. It was an experiment, and I was happy with the results of more balanced symmetry in the form. Coloring was digital, had to make some tweaks later. Estimated date of creation (2009).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Floral Feline File Folder- 2014 Journal Cover

Yay! This makes me happy. I've had my heart set on using an old file folder, kept in my pile of paper, as part of a book cover for my 2014 journal. The folder had been boogered on the edges, so I cut those parts away, then I layered some thin cardboard together, lined the edges with polka dotted washy tape, added some green to the spine edges, and last on the project added some large eyelets to cover up the rough holes caused by drilling (a necessary step to get through cardboard). I must say I really like the look of the eyelets, made it so much better to look at. Front cover (left) Back cover (right)
I faced a few hick ups with the inner cover. Originally I used flat pink scrapbook paper, but then found the covers stuck together during drying, and ripped (my fault for not knowing they weren't fully dry and moving them too soon...oops). I was naturally disappointed, but snagged a chance to go to A.C. Moore, and found a paper which made me happy. Though it was more on the purple pink side, I didn't mind, and tried a second time to add the paper over my mistake. It was a success, and it makes me much happier to look at than flat pink (yay for mistakes leading to better things). ^.^

In the near future I may do a flip through of my journal, and possibly give some tips on how simple journal keeping can really be. ^.~

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tooty Fruity Frilly-fashion revamp

Revamp fashion, a good way to satisfy my craving for a normal and accurate form, as opposed to an original design drawn very stiffly during my younger years. This revamp version of the original Tooty Fruity Frilly outfit, isn't much different, except the colors are more vibrant, and the outfit has been drawn to an actual fashion form. 

Aside from that, I made a few adjustments, like making the front skirt ties defined, and edging them with a light green, silky tip. I also changed up the shoe style from being flat, to being a colorful set of matching pumps. Paint your nails a lime green to match, and you're set. I'm already thinking about tropical smoothies. :P

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ion's Jungle Wear

Ok, this may seem a bit awkward, but this is fantasy fashion. This butt flap was designed for the scifi-fantasy character named Ion, a Bionicle based being acted by, Bionicle MOC FTW (yes it's a mouth full), who's one of the actors in an online fan fiction RP I'm part of.

The design relates to a simple event coming soon in the RP, one where Ion will wear this decoration to attract an air type named Onah, a pretty bird based being. (As I said, awkward....)

The green and black color scheme is based off wind and shadow elements (Ion's elemental set),  the flap laces on, is tribal themed, leather, and meant to be worn as a decoration over armor plating. This decorative accessory applies as a base design to outfit schemes in my fan fiction Life of Lewa, and may use this simple design again in a drawing someday.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fantasy Hair Bun Designs

I've always liked pigtail and double hair bun styles, then one day I decided to design hair bun decorations and pigtail clips of my own; concepts for fantasy and novelty wear.

My first concept was the Rose Bud design, based off the theme of spring garden fairies. Followed by that was the Pearllight helmet cap, a hair style based off my icon character's helmet design, the option to bring her hair out through the armor. Crescent moon has to be one of my favorites in the first design set (celestial themes, always love them); it's basically a hair cap with metallic crescent moon shapes attached, complete with dangling star on a chain accents that glisten in the light, and has sparkly silver star patterns sewn to the white base of the bun cover top. Final design is nerdy in nature, a pigtail clip that wraps over the hair band, the metal designs being that of the water symbol from the Bionile series, Gali's theme (I see my character wearing these designs in the fantasy region of water, for amusement).
Second set of designs started with the Jelly fish Sea theme, and headed down the road of sweets, candy land lane. The jelly fish sea design is inspired off actual hair bands I own, and one day I hope to make the hair cap design possible. Strawberry cone slips over the buns, then buttons and bobby pins into the hair where the cone ends meet (really cute design to wear during summer). Chocolate Cherry Sunday is a chocolate covered ice cream hat combined with giant cherry bun covers which hold it on (a sister theme that relates to strawberry cone caps). Sweet Cupcake bun covers are a sweet thing for wearing while baking, the design is inspired of my icon character's theme to hand out "magical" chocolate cupcakes that brighten up anyone's day. And finally the simple design of a pink mushroom cap (inspired off the idea of fairies and toadstool characters from Mario).

 And for the record, above and below, yes I once wore double hair buns twice... they're not easy because they require pigtails and bobby pins. First time is the above image, second time (below) was much cleaner because bobby pins were used. These particular hair styles are ones I'd like to try again, only without sticks, and instead decorated with hair buns based off the designs shown above.