Sunday, June 29, 2014

Celestial Swing Dress

Last night I sat down to make a quick sketch, had the urge for celestial themes (partly related to watching the second Alien film). I drew out a quick fashion design and used pieces of a desktop image I liked to cut and paste like a collage, resulting in a celestial theme dress I call "Celestial Swing". I like this enough that maybe some time I'll create a trading card collection based off it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cupcake A Day

I did this small sketch in my purse sketch book during a trip in Ohio. With my trusty jell pens of sparkly pink and metallic green, along with a bucket of foreign markers found out of the blue, I made a sweet postcard, had fun too. It was very simple, and I added my own quote, "A cupcake each day helps giddiness stay". You know the secret ingredient? CHOCOLATE. XD

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Quackin Comic

You know the old pirate tales that involve the over sized squid, the Kraken? Well one night I thought of the name, and then thought of a duck. Suddenly The Quacken was born. Here's a pirate story that's sure to happen during a little boy's bath time. :P

I made the comic in my three paper, purse sketch book. For color I used markers, colored pencil, and jell pen. The jell pen smudged a bit and that kind of disappointed me, till I figured the boy got a boo boo (adds character).

My favorite part in the comic is the look I put on the rubber ducks face; makes me laugh every time.

Ginger Jail

Love this comic, been putting off posting forever, sorry guys.

Ginger Jail, a comic based off an accidental occurrence, when one night I was trying to say ginger ale, and my tongue twisted into a knot, instead making my words ginger jail. That popped an idea in my head, ginger jail, red head prison.

I added several subtle details to this joke comic. The characters present are actually based off a few good friends of mine (both red heads). Middle one wrenching the bars, and the figure slumped on a seat to the right are based off these friends. Have fun finding all the other little details relating to cliches and jokes on gingers. Hehe. :P

I used black marker and colored pencil to make the comic in my three in one paper, purse journal.