Friday, April 4, 2014

The Wishing Tree

Isn't this beautiful? I've had this picture idea in my head since 2010. Can't believe it took me four years to finally make it; based off a very old sketch I made in one of my notebooks (which at some point I hope to make a post about, and link to it when I do).

The theme of this image is rather sentimental, and represents a certain amount of emotion that I dealt with for a matter of years (and still reflects some of my inner feelings in some way). The image represents the state of being alone, longing, and hopeful; with the knowledge that life can only be dealt with my moving forward through the long grasses, not waiting for a love that's lost. The original pencil sketch this is based off of was a bit sadder; it's theme at the time not containing the concept of moving forward, but rather waiting in sadness, convinced that once your last friend goes, you'll truly have nothing (like I said, rather dark concept).

Art process: I used a picture of myself, just changed up the head, then outlined and digitally colored the body, leaving the clothes more realistic. The long grasses were done with a digital brush, then highlighted with burn and dodge. And the rest was selected sections of scanned scrapbook paper (worked like a charm).

The following poem (can also be a song) wasn't originally associated with the image and is rather new, but later I based the name and theme off of it, seeing it fit the mood; enjoy.

The Wishing Tree

Close your eyes, count to three
Let it go, let it be
Take my hand, come with me
To the wishing tree
Wind or snow, doesn't matter
Close your eyes, let dreams scatter
As you walk with me to the wishing tree

There I'll go, there I'll be
Waiting under the tree
And I pray, you'll one day
return for me

I have dreams, I have wishes
But my heart feels like dishes
Broken down, as my soul waits unendelessly

And my wish is to be
Somewhere I'm meant to be
Far as my eyes can see
 Beyond the lonesome wishing tree

Why oh why, did you have to leave me...?
I guess this love was never meant to be.

Also, this song done by the Piano Guys fits the mood for me (something about it I like while looking at the picture).

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