Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silver Ignika Journal

Yes, I'm sharing a journal post (been a long time since I did). Yesterday I spoke about this scifi journal on my other blog Silver Ignika Book. And as you may have guess, the book is in fact Bionicle inspired. Since it's a craft project though, it seems fair to share it on both sites.

I spent a lot of time during 2008 just designing the cover; made lots of sketches (find the sketch sheet and details on the other post). 

How the book was made: I didn't bind and sew together my own book, would have taken too much time considering I had to spend most of it designing the cover (and at the time didn't know how); so I purchased a small sketch book, then covered it with silver paper. I then hand drew my stencil design for the spine, front and back cover. Last step was wrapping my designs around the book, and embossing over every line, resulting in my final book cover.

It took me so long to do that I never put anything in the book, for fear I would ruin its pages and thwart the beauty of my first complex cover.... But lets face it, that's something to get past. Thankfully I have some future plans for this book; might use it as a fake journal, pretending it belongs to a character from one of my fan fictions.

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