Friday, April 25, 2014

Faux Fish Seasoning- pun label

Some time ago I drew this pun related advertisement in my on the go band binder (as I call it). It's what I consider to be a faux advertisement for bay leaf and additional spice seasoning for seafood. 
Bay Fillet just wrung a bell in my mind, of course there is no such seasoning, I just found it catchy.

The pun related part is the word seasoning. I'll note to emphasize the play on words, I made the first part of the word blue, to draw attention to the word sea What kind of spices do you use for fish and other aquatic life? Why seasoning of some sort of course. 

I may make a small series of seasoning brand spices as part of my running passion for faux advertisements and puns. Might use them as labels, cards, and mini posters; possibly include them as product placement in other art pieces.

Material: I used Le-Plume markers, Prismacolor pencils, jell pen, permanent markers, and hard chalk pastels.

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