Friday, April 25, 2014

Faux Fish Seasoning- pun label

Some time ago I drew this pun related advertisement in my on the go band binder (as I call it). It's what I consider to be a faux advertisement for bay leaf and additional spice seasoning for seafood. 
Bay Fillet just wrung a bell in my mind, of course there is no such seasoning, I just found it catchy.

The pun related part is the word seasoning. I'll note to emphasize the play on words, I made the first part of the word blue, to draw attention to the word sea What kind of spices do you use for fish and other aquatic life? Why seasoning of some sort of course. 

I may make a small series of seasoning brand spices as part of my running passion for faux advertisements and puns. Might use them as labels, cards, and mini posters; possibly include them as product placement in other art pieces.

Material: I used Le-Plume markers, Prismacolor pencils, jell pen, permanent markers, and hard chalk pastels.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rose Art Waves

Mm, doesn't this make you think of summer? It does me. I made this sketch page while experimenting with one of the worst art brands in existence, Rose Art. Decided to try my luck at drawing with Rose Art markers to see if it's possible to still make something decent with a terrible brand name supply. Seems I succeeded, and now have a pretty island getaway postcard image which sits comfortably in a sheet protector tucked in my journal.

I had fun with doodling in a mix style of Maori themed waves, and an Aztec sun. I sort of just squiggled in the palm tress and wind swirls with my own style. Had fun, and I like it.

Here's a tip, if you ever find yourself bored and all you have are some cheap art supplies lying around; you might be able to make a cool doodle addition for your journal as I did. ^_^

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Make Your Own Mini Snacks

Aren't these cute? These mini snack packets were made from candy wrappers. With just a little creative folding, and some double stick tape, you too can make mini candy bar and anonymous snack packets for decorating your scrapbook page (good for themes on food and sleep overs), or using as props for your small figurines such as Barbie. That's just what I did, used them for small figurines and made a quick postcard with them (see the blog post Bionicle Snacks DIY).

Go ahead, have some fun and try making some mini snack packets of your own; I show how it's done in the video below. ^.~

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Squid Helmet

Long long ago, I'd say about 2008/9, I set out to do my very first paper mache project. I wanted to make a helmet inspired off the Bionicle species of Glatorian and their unique masks.

I went through many designs in my sketch book, dreaming of what my helmet should look like; even started incorporating my helmet design into art pieces because I loved it so much (which I hope to share imagery of and make reference back to this post).

I designed the helmet based off the water Glatorian, and felt an aquatic themed helmet is what my character Pearllight (me) would wear as a disguise. Once I settled with my basic design, I started my work, and it took FOREVER.

How long did it take to make this helmet from start to finish? About six months; that's right, half a years of on off work and patience during drying time. 

Here's how I did it: First I blew up a balloon to the approximate size of my head, then to make the dome shape, a massive sculpture of newspaper and tape were applied to the balloon. The newspaper was then covered with plastic wrap, and I went on to make cardboard pieces of the lower head part where it splays out. The tentacle decorations on the dome were constructed from wire and masking tape. Once all was established, I started my paper mache work, using newspaper strips and wallpaper paste. Every layer took forever (and I do believe I had to use about ten for the helmet base).

Playing in the wallpaper paste was kind of fun; I wore rubber gloves because it was cold and slimy, but as far as imagination goes, I felt like I was swishing my hands through some sort of Rahi spit (rahi are animals of the Bionicle universe). 
Even the smallest parts of the helmet were cover with newspaper, I just had to use smaller strips.

After by helmet base was mostly done, I needed to make it smoother. In order to do that, I had to layer paper pulp over the helmet, let it dry, and then sand off any bumpies. Once all the paper work was done, I coated the helmet with a layer of white paint, then applied raised designs by using white fabric paint. Final step was applying my three chosen colors; metallic teal, royal blue, and lime green.

The final results were satisfying, unfortunately the project shrunk more than expected, so the helmet is a bit too snug on my head. (note I didn't paint on the inside of the helmet since no one sees that part when it's worn). Also, I didn't actually realize the helmet looked squid like until I finished it. :P

Silver Ignika Journal

Yes, I'm sharing a journal post (been a long time since I did). Yesterday I spoke about this scifi journal on my other blog Silver Ignika Book. And as you may have guess, the book is in fact Bionicle inspired. Since it's a craft project though, it seems fair to share it on both sites.

I spent a lot of time during 2008 just designing the cover; made lots of sketches (find the sketch sheet and details on the other post). 

How the book was made: I didn't bind and sew together my own book, would have taken too much time considering I had to spend most of it designing the cover (and at the time didn't know how); so I purchased a small sketch book, then covered it with silver paper. I then hand drew my stencil design for the spine, front and back cover. Last step was wrapping my designs around the book, and embossing over every line, resulting in my final book cover.

It took me so long to do that I never put anything in the book, for fear I would ruin its pages and thwart the beauty of my first complex cover.... But lets face it, that's something to get past. Thankfully I have some future plans for this book; might use it as a fake journal, pretending it belongs to a character from one of my fan fictions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Wishing Tree

Isn't this beautiful? I've had this picture idea in my head since 2010. Can't believe it took me four years to finally make it; based off a very old sketch I made in one of my notebooks (which at some point I hope to make a post about, and link to it when I do).

The theme of this image is rather sentimental, and represents a certain amount of emotion that I dealt with for a matter of years (and still reflects some of my inner feelings in some way). The image represents the state of being alone, longing, and hopeful; with the knowledge that life can only be dealt with my moving forward through the long grasses, not waiting for a love that's lost. The original pencil sketch this is based off of was a bit sadder; it's theme at the time not containing the concept of moving forward, but rather waiting in sadness, convinced that once your last friend goes, you'll truly have nothing (like I said, rather dark concept).

Art process: I used a picture of myself, just changed up the head, then outlined and digitally colored the body, leaving the clothes more realistic. The long grasses were done with a digital brush, then highlighted with burn and dodge. And the rest was selected sections of scanned scrapbook paper (worked like a charm).

The following poem (can also be a song) wasn't originally associated with the image and is rather new, but later I based the name and theme off of it, seeing it fit the mood; enjoy.

The Wishing Tree

Close your eyes, count to three
Let it go, let it be
Take my hand, come with me
To the wishing tree
Wind or snow, doesn't matter
Close your eyes, let dreams scatter
As you walk with me to the wishing tree

There I'll go, there I'll be
Waiting under the tree
And I pray, you'll one day
return for me

I have dreams, I have wishes
But my heart feels like dishes
Broken down, as my soul waits unendelessly

And my wish is to be
Somewhere I'm meant to be
Far as my eyes can see
 Beyond the lonesome wishing tree

Why oh why, did you have to leave me...?
I guess this love was never meant to be.

Also, this song done by the Piano Guys fits the mood for me (something about it I like while looking at the picture).