Friday, March 14, 2014

Ultra Violet City Exploration

This comic book styled illustration, done on 12x14 paper, and made around the year 2010; was created very soon after my first perspective drawing test Blue Clock Tower. You may notice this, since I didn't seem to break from using the same perspective angle over again... (oh well); no matter though, as of recently this piece went from interesting, to absolutely fascinating.

Just this evening I reflected back on something my brother said about this picture quite some time ago; he said the image reminded him of Ultra Man. For awhile I never payed full attention to his opinion, but the more I looked at this image, the more I realized he had a point. 

Then it happened, I thought to myself; ah yes, Ultra Man, I remember clips of that show from way back when I was quite little. And I thought, hmm, if Ultra Man had a female counterpart, what would her name be? Suddenly the the name Ultra Violet came to mind, and I was swept away by the idea. Imagine, a feminine beauty of Ultra Man, his female counterpart and protector of the innocent, caring and willing to aid in a fight against evil monsters that threaten to destroy the Earth. Only unlike Ultra Man, she's clad in shades of teal armor (more robotic in nature), and her strongest weapon is the power to blast ultra violet rays at an enemy, blinding them for brief amounts of time, and making them see in a spectrum of such intense colors that it hurts to even open their eyes. (Someday I may carry this concept further)

Originally this picture was anonymous, I thought it would be fun to draw a very large robot woman walking through the city, and attracting unwanted attention from a news/military copter.
I couldn't decided on what kind of copter it should be at first. I drew an N on it to stand for news, but the guys inside were at first suppose to military (the man in the back holding a bomb shooter). Later though I didn't feel that worked, and decided he green news man was holding a camera, capturing live footage of the giant robotic woman (right), who calmly observes the little people through the glass of a building; confused at why they run around and scream, pointing at her as though she were ugly.

Trivia: I drew the middle building first from what I recall, and had trouble bending my head around the angle I was going for in this image (which is why the angles of surrounding buildings, and characters weren't quite the same). Things are a little off in this image, but I still find the piece to be rather interesting. Enjoy, and have fun imagining her adventure following soon after this scene. ^.~

Material: The entire thing was done with marker, and a hint of jell pen.

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