Sunday, March 16, 2014

Princess Peacock

 "Princess Peacock" (originally called Arabian Halls) was a collage I did back around 2011 I think. It was my first try in making a beautiful collage made up almost entirely of scrapbook paper, carefully cut to shape after I created paper stencils for each element.

First I painted yellow at the top of my canvas board, then added walls, and curtains which splayed as though wind of the desert evening was blowing through the door. Next came the flooring and purple carpet. Then came the pillars, and gold accents dusted with black chalk to define the edges. And last came the princess of this fancy palace, an element I made by tracing and tweaking over a basic image of a woman in a soap advertisement, drawing new clothes and hair on her, and coloring it with both Prismacolor pencils and gold jell pen; then I glued her down after creating a shadow with pan pastel.

A closer view of Princess Peacock (above). 

Princess Peacock, her name based off her favorite clothing colors, is a young and passionate individual, who though has a name based off a flaunting creature, doesn't boast of her supposed beauty, and rather prefers to stay away from the princes and sheiks who come in attempt to impress. 

Princess Peacock enjoys the golden evenings of the desert, and often wanders through the great and glimmering halls of her palace, nuzzling her face against the soft, purple silk sari she often wears when evening falls and the air grows colder. The sound of her pet peacocks chirping rings through the halls, and she dreams of how silly her security is; the peacocks being alarms and kept in her chambers to warn her if invaders have broken in to steal her. Regardless, she loves to see her birds flaunt their giant tails as she wanders through the gardens; and in her mockery, has said her peacocks and the garden impress her any day over sheiks and riches, feeling simplicity and nature are richer than gold.

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