Saturday, March 8, 2014

K'Nex mic stand with pop filter

As some of you may recall, I did a post back in 2011 on a little invention called K'Nex Microphone Stand. Since then I've made improvements to this simple stand, and share what they
 are and how they work in the video above.

In the basic images above of left and right views on the stand, you can see that unlike its previous version, I added extensions to increase its leg height (that way it was more level with my mouth). The cording, as usual, is bunched up and held with a rubber band; then slipped 
into the middle of the stand to keep it out of the way.
 Last, and newest extension to the stand is a noise/pop filter for reducing breath sounds during recording. I made it so the holder can move back and forth for recording with or without it (details are given in the video). The pop filter itself is just an embroidery hoop with panty hose wedged between it. I looked at a company brand pop filter, and my crafty side kicked in on how I could make my own; but when I tried to explain what I needed to make it, my drift was lost. That is until my mom asked me if I ever tried looking up instructions to see if anyone has made a noise pop filter. I didn't try that, and when we looked up, we were surprised to find that someone had made a filter in the exact way I was trying to (so I included the video link to that in my video above). ^.~

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