Monday, March 17, 2014

Emerald Wind

"Emerald Wind" (originally called "Green Gown of Evening" but changed for the sake of being less lengthy) is an image dating back to about 2011 (I think). 

I was inspired to try a Nouveau themed splash page, where I started with an anonymous border, then wanted to draw in cloth folds, and soon made a woman in some odd style, who's wearing emerald green and sitting on some kind of strange one armed stool.

In my geekyness, I feel the image could represent the element of wind, hence the flowing of the hair and gown, and the color green (the elemental color for air, in a Bionicle reference that is).

Once again I'm so glad for digital options of rendering. If it weren't for PSE, this image would have remained more of a disaster than a fairly pleasant art piece.

The original (left) was merged improperly after a split scan, and if you get in close you can see there's a blurred line where the image doesn't match up properly. I didn't feel like scanning this picture again, so instead I tweaked the spots with blurring, and created a marker brush to disguise skewed lines. The more I play with PSE, the more I love it (and lately have been understanding how to better restore imagery with a few flaws).

The other tweak I made was to the woman's nose. I made a brush to mimic colored pencil, and colored over that unneeded black line representing her nose bridge. In my eyes it greatly helped, and looks so much better now; not so alien.

Material: Marker, jell pen, colored pencil, digital tweaks.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day! ^.^

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