Saturday, March 29, 2014

Doctor's Orders

This might make some queezy (so sorry).  I've had this idea for a long time..over a year I think. The concept was inspired of a simple novelty pen; that's right, a pen which looks like a syringe. Did you know it has red ink? XD (Seriously, it writes in red). I got it at Five and Below during October, part of the Halloween stuff you could say; sadly a long time later the pens "charm" (it's red liquid that made the pen look like a filled syringe) had dried up before I could make my picture.

The concept isn't mean to be scary, but more like a medical advertisement for a healthy heart; and proper care, hence the name "Doctor's Order's".

Here's how I did it: I simply drew a heart and spikes with red ink on a piece of printer paper (wanted to make it look like a heart monitor where the largest blip is a heart, not a spike. I then scanned this drawing and cleaned it up with PSE. Beforehand I slipped on a latex glove and held the syringe pen, placing its tip on the monitor line right next to the heart, like I'm giving a shot, then I took a photo of my hand. I then selected by hand and pasted it to my monitor picture, placing it where I wanted it; but most importantly I had to make the syringe look like it had something in it since it was all dried up, so I darkened the area I wanted liquid to be, and it worked. From there it looked pretty good, but I felt it needed more, so I added the title and surrounded it with a chrome frame that represents a metal tray which holds medical tools. Final touches were to add some *cough* blood spots in opposing corners (it just seemed needed). Not like me to make pictures like this, but for some reason I like this one.

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