Monday, March 3, 2014

Compiled Motif Art- Jungle Being

 Isn't it cool? This art form is what I'm coming to call motif compilation art. It's very much like my Stamped Motorcycle image; done with the same technique of compiling sections of imagery together in order to make a new image, only this time achieved digitally using Nouveau motifs. 

This creature made of different imagery is based off Bionicle, and represents a female Junti (a jungle type species from my fan fiction Life of Lewa). She's kind of based off a character I invented, named Venimbus; but isn't exact to Venimbus, just inspired from, specifically her curves and mask design.

I love the way her structure is both curvy and plant themed, better matching the influence of plant life and tribal decor of the Junti species who live in tropical regions of the Spherus Magna planet.

Sometime I might try making a colored version of this image, but for now black and white seems classy and eye catching enough.

The above motif images are a few of the elements used in the image at top. If you look closely, you'll notice I used the motif on the left for lower arms and legs of the image; and on the right I used the center part of this motif for the head.Other motifs were obviously used, but you get the idea; I select parts of these motifs (or in other cases scrapbook stamps) and compile them together
 till I get a new image made out of these designs. 

Someday I might make an example video on how I do them (and will likely make more of these pictures for my growing art collection).

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