Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blue Clock Tower

The Blue Clock Tower was an illustration I made for perspective practice. The year I did it I can't remember; my guess is about 2010.

On an eerie moonlit night, the clock tower that had rung for every villager, every sailor, and every man of this seaside land cast its mighty shadow upon the cold blue ground as the moon's silver rays hit its faces, and illuminated every black number so stark the time could be seen from far off.
It was beautiful all covered in light, the blue and gray hues of every element in the land melding with harmonious values of the night. And when the clock struck one, its shrill ring was like dull music being played with the percussion of crashing waves against the stoney cliff sides. A gentle breeze blew and the wind was filled with a salty scented mist; in such a moment the heart can feel both enchanted and terrified from the echo of the clock's ring, like a warning that day draws ever closer at each strike, and the magic of night will soon be gone, and all will be gold by dawn.

Materials: 12x14 mixed medium Canson paper, markers, and acrylic paint.

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